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Michael George — Property Crimes in Fredericksburg, VA
Michael George grew up in Virginia and, after receiving his education at Harvard and at William and Mary, first practiced law in bustling courts of Los Angeles. Although happy and successful in California, Mr. George wanted to return to Virginia and after 4 years, returned. Mr. George has practiced law in the Fredericksburg area since 1992.
In his legal career, there was never any question about what lawyer Mr. George would be. A trial lawyer. Because at his core, Mr. George is a fighter B someone who is willing to take his gloves off and take of business. It seems obvious, but when you are involved in a fight, you need a lawyer who is willing to fight for you. You also need someone who knows how to fight. Michael George has been aggressively doing battle for his clients for over 25 years and knows what it takes to get you where you need to go in your case.
Aggressive and tough. Characteristics that describe Mr. George, but only provide half the picture. Aware that people going through legal problems are going through a truly awful time, Mr. George wanted to have an office that was more client centered than most. He would take care of fighting for his clients, but he also wanted his office to be mindful of what each person is going through and what kind of life they wished to have after the case was over. The result is this office. Everyone here, from attorney to staff member, is committed to provide to each client the high level of legal expertise they need as well as the care and understanding they may also need as people going through a legal problem. No one should feel alone in their battle.

Some things in life are truly important. Having people at your side who know how to help you get from where you are to where you want to be is critical. If you need someone like that fighting for you, help is a phone call away.