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Child Custody

When the parents of a child get divorced or separated, or were never married in the first place, the parents should decide who will be primarily responsible for raising the child. After all, children still need to be raised, and most experts agree that in most cases it's better for children to be raised by both of their parents than by only one of them.

Sometimes, the parents can't agree on child custody issues by themselves and unfortunately, a court is going to have to make a decision for them. The court will care very little about the preferences or desires of either parent when making this decision. Instead, the court will consider the best interests of the child. In determining what is in the best interests of the child.

In determing what and how one presents evidence of what is in a child's best interest, you will need to work closely with your attorney. Depending on what issues are before the court, the hearing will be relatively pleasant to being a horrible experience. In either case, you will want to have an experienced hand helping you.

There are many possible outcomes for both custody and viisitation time. Most often, both parents have joint legal custody with one parent having primary physical custody (where the child lives) and the other parent receiving appropriate visitation. If you can agree to such an arrangement, that removes a huge burden from both parent. However, if there are disagreements which cannot be resolved about physical or legal custody, a judge court will make those decisions for you. It is best to first work with an experienced lawyer who can work for you to negotiate a plan. If you and the other parent are having difficulty agreeing on a plan for parenting time, we can assit you in coming up with creative solutions.

And, if nothing else works, Mr. George is ready and able to fight for what you and your children need.

Interstate Custody Matters

Mr. George has substantial experience in case involving multiple state jurisdictions. Sometimes these case involve a parent who has moved out of state with or without the child or children, sometimes it involves a custodial parent who is jumping from state to state, sometimes it is just a plain old custody case, but the parents live in different states. The law in this area is specialized and complex and Mr. George has the experience to make certain his clients receive a fair and just result.
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